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My journey as a breeder of goats began as a young boy. My father had many species of animals and, while I enjoyed the experience of raising a variety of them, the goats eventually became my main interest. At the early age of 10 years, I fell in love with goats while watching the kids play shortly after birth. I also clearly remember the bad smell some fathers had during a certain time of each year and was happy to find, years later, that there are many types of goats that do not have this issue!


Although there is a lot of information about goats that many people already know, I would like to share insights that may help anyone interested in owning, caring, breeding, managing wild goats to learn the specifics of how I do it.


I certainly do not know it all!... but I am happy to share my knowledge so that anyone with a serious interest will have enough information to start on the exciting journey of breeding and managing these wonderful creatures.


I currently have a breeding complex that allows for the proper housing and care of several sub-species of Ibex and Turs and I welcome you arrange for a visit. 


Although I breed Nubian and Alpine Ibex, I specialize in West Caucasian Turs.


Because of the need to continue research, most of the kids born in my breeding program are kept for future reproduction and observation. I have periodically sold animals to other breeders that have an interest in this ongoing breeding and research project. I have been very successful in producing beautiful specimens and after 14 years of specialized breeding have begun offering some kids for sale.


I am happy to answer questions and share information concerning all areas of care, transporting, boarding, advice on handling, etc. at any time. 

– David Meeks

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