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A breeding program for the West Caucasian Turs has been in place at our facility for over ten years.

Turs are and endangered species of mountain goat named for their native homeland in the Russian Caucasus Mountains. There are East Caucasian Turs and West Caucasian Turs. The initial distinction between the sub-species is found in their horn structure. West Caucasian Tur horns grow up from their heads and curl backward. The horns of the East Caucasian Tur grow outward, away from the animal’s body. Their coats change color and texture seasonally. Turs grow to just over three feet tall at the shoulders and weigh around 150 lbs. In the wild, Turs feed nocturnally in open lands to avoiding predators and seek shelter during the day. However, Turs seem to adjust well to new environments and become more active in the day when in captivity.


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